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1. What is a primary tenant of working with everyone, but especially with people who have experienced trauma and may see themselves as inherently weak due to their experiences?
2. What are the stages of trauma recovery?
3. The three E's of Trauma are EVENT(S), EXPERIENCE OF EVENT(S), AND EFFECT. What determines if an event is experienced as traumatic?
4. What are the key principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach?
5. What should be considered when implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach?

A. Safety and stabilization; Remembrance and mourning; and Reconnection.
Focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses.
C. Safety; Trustworthiness and Transparency; Peer Support; Collaboration and Mutuality; Empowerment, Voice, and Choice; and Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issues.
D. Is an individual's own definition of emotional safety included in treatment plans? Is timely trauma-informed screening and assessment available and accessible to individuals receiving services? Does the organization have the capacity to provide trauma-specific treatment or refer to appropriate trauma-specific services? How are peer supports integrated into the service delivery approach? and How does the agency address gender-based needs in the context of trauma screening, assessment, and treatment? For instance, are gender-specific trauma services and supports available for both men and women?
E. How the individual labels, assigns meaning to, and is disrupted physically and psychologically by the event.

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