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Section 25
Means, Intent, Lethality, Behaviors, and Psychiatric Diagnosis

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“Most efforts to prevent suicide focus on why people take their lives. But as we understand more about who attempts suicide and when and where and why, it becomes increasingly clear that how a person attempts–the means they use–plays a key role in whether they live or die. “Means reduction” (reducing a suicidal person’s access to highly lethal means) is an important part of a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention. It is based on the following understandings (click on each to learn more):

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice

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- Hausmann-Stabile, C., Kuhlberg, J., Zayas, L., Nolle, A., Cintron, S. Means, Intent, Lethality, Behaviors, and Psychiatric Diagnosis in Latina Adolescent Suicide Attempters. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. June 2012. 43(3). Pg. 241-248.

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Section 26
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