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Section 17
Reducing Suicide Risk by Limiting Access
to Lethal Means

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Vermont Department of Mental Health

Key Points found in Scroll Box below:
1. Introduction: Addressing Access to Lethal Means
2. Reducing Access to Lethal Means: Firearms
a. Current Status Suicide, and Firearms; Existing Vermont Laws & Regulations 2014 State Legislative Activity
b. Addressing Access by Suicidal Individuals Existing Vermont Research Base; Existing Vermont Infrastructure; Firearm Community & Safety Norms; Legislative Advocacy; Existing Program Interventions
c. Summation
3. Reducing Access to Lethal Means: Other A. Overview; B. Other Means: Poisoning, Falls, Suffocation, Drowning, Cutting/Piercing; C. Summation
4. Recommendations
Create a Gun Shop Project workgroup.
Facilitate workgroup for highest efficacy.
Honor and build upon existing cultural cohesion.
Locate community partners in firearm-owning com-munity.
Use open and positive language.
Utilize New Hampshire “road map.
Publically utilize other states’ successes
Utilize pre-existing successful materials.
Move beyond “gun shops.”
-Other Means:
1. Additional research focused on oth-er means.
2. Implement CALM training.

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- Nelson, E. MD, Delaney, T. Ph.D., Barber, C. MPA, Frank, E. MHS, Fenner-Lukaitis E. MSW. Reducing Suicide Risk by Limiting Access to Lethal Means. Vermont Department of Mental Health. October 2014.

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