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Psychologist Post-Test

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1. What are three concepts related to redefining self-worth in chronic pain clients?
2. What are three manifestations of anger commonly found in chronic pain clients?
3. What are three concepts related to helplessness?
4. What are three concepts related to self-victimization?
5. What are three sources of guilt for clients with chronic pain?


A. unmet obligations; burden guilt; and external influences
B. poor self-image; grieving; and building the new identity.
C. humility vs. humiliation; catastrophizing; and assertingindependence. 
D. anger arising from limitations; outbursts; and inbursts
E. sense of betrayal; projections; and resentment.

6. What style of trained questioning used in cognitive interventions gently probes for patient meanings and stimulates alternative viewpoints or ideas? 
7. According to Buenaver et al., what is the rationale behind self-help cognitive-behavioral therapy?  
8. What is one of the most researched variables of pain that influences pain intensity and physical / psychosocial disability?  
9. What is the assumption of cognitive models of pain? 


A.  The assumption of cognitive models of pain is that cognitive activity and an individual’s emotional distress or behavioral difficulty is not a direct reaction to an untoward life event but rather a consequence of how that event is perceived.
B.  coping and coping strategies.
C.  "Socratic dialogue" or "guided recovery"
D.  Self-help is typically more cost efficient and can be made available to a greater number of patients than traditional individual therapy.

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