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Section 8
Kentucky Administrative Regulations: 201 KAR 23:080
Payment for Services

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     Section 8. Payment for Services. (1) A social worker shall ensure that a client is informed of the fee and billing arrangement before rendering a service.
     (2) A social worker shall not bill, or permit a client or third party to be billed. for a social work service if he knows that the service was:
     (a) Not provided;
     (b) Improperly provided;
     (c) Provided by another individual who is not identified on the billing statement; or
     (d) Unnecessary.
     (3) A social worker shall not offer or accept payment or other compensation for referral of a client.
     (4) A social worker shall not accept a form of remuneration for a service that involves the bartering of services.
     (5) A social worker may take legal measures to collect a fee if:
     (a) A client does not pay the agreed fee for a rendered service; and
     (b) The social worker:
     1. Gives reasonable advance notice to the client; and
     2. Does not release more information about the client than is necessary to collect the fee.

- Kentucky Legislature. Title 201, Chapter 23: 080 Board of Social Work. 2018 Kentucky Administrative Regulations. Section 8. Payment for Services.

What three criteria must be met for a social worker to take legal measures to collect a fee? To select and enter your answer go to Test.

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