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Section 1
Kentucky Administrative Regulations: 201 KAR 23:080

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     Section 1. Definitions. (1) "Client" means:
     (a) An individual, family, or group who directly receives social work services from a social worker;
     (b) A corporate entity or other organization if the contract is to provide a social work service of benefit directly to the corporate entity or organization; or
     (c) A legal guardian who is responsible for making decisions relative to the provision of services for a minor or legally incompetent adult.
     (2) A person identified as a client pursuant to subsection (1) of this definition shall be deemed to continue to be a client for a period of five (5) years following the last date of service rendered to the person.
     (3) "Dual relationship" means a social, business, or personal relationship between a social worker and a client that coexists with the professional-client relationship between the social worker and the client.

- Kentucky Legislature. Title 201, Chapter 23: 080 Board of Social Work. 2018 Kentucky Administrative Regulations. Section 1. Definitions.

See Section 11: Kentucky Administrative Regulations: 201 KAR 23:080 Dual Relationships for more information.

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