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Psychologist Post-Test

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1. The steps that must be assessed and focused on with struggling couples considering separation is: 
2. After engaging in conflict couples should learn: 
3. Before a counselor starts to set goals with a couple she should: 
4. If it is revealed that partner appears to want out of the relationship and one is still heavily invested and committed, the counselor must:
5. In the following list which ones are "Terms" of a separation? 
6. During high stress times of couples conflicts and separations, parents should:
7. Steps of this Couples Separation Model have been largely focused on: 
8. Key treatment factors to focus on during periods of conflict and/or during
couple separations are:   
9. If conflict between partners is not satisfactorily controlled or the purpose...of a separation is not clear:


A. It will be difficult to evaluate whether goals of a separation are being met.
B. The level of investment and commitment in a relationship, Willingness to let one’s partner influence the other and Willingness to give a partner the benefit of the doubt and make up after relationship conflicts.
C. Agree to support the relationship between the children and your partner regardless of how you feel about each other (this excludes abuse of any kind), Be aware of and acknowledge your children’s fears of being abandoned and blamed, and Reassure, comfort, and correct faulty assumptions and beliefs that your
children may have about parental separations.
D. Controlling conflict and setting up a structure so that some type of separation could take place, if necessary.
E. How well the partners are managing their crisis/conflict and communicating
F. Assess where they stand on Relationship Investment-Commitment Scale.
G. How to make up
H. Assess the more invested partner for violence to self/others.
I. Type of Separation, Length of Separation, and Expectations of partners during a separation.

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